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edX (now part of 2U)

At edX, my focus is on the learner experience. I think creatively about how to enhance engagement across the user journey, all the way from discovery on our marketing website through enrollment, purchase, and retention within our LMS platform. My work at edX is multifaceted as I work both as an individual contributor on the product team and also have a leadership role on our "Engagement" theme.

Here are a few activities that generally summarize my product IC responsibilities:

  • Strategize with product managers to define our roadmaps

  • Plan and execute both generative and usability user research to inform UX strategy

  • Design compelling experiences that aim to move key metrics

  • Socialize early and often with the Experience team to ensure consistency across the platform

  • Contribute back to and evangelize our design system

  • Collaborate with engineers during ideation, design, build to align on feasibility and ensure quality

And, here are a few activities that generally summarize my leadership responsibilities:

  • Represent UX in theme strategy planning

  • Identify theme level organizational challenges and roadblocks to solve

  • Highlight and present key user insights about the learner experience on a quarterly basis to the Executive team

  • Advocate for staffing and process changes to improve our product delivery

  • Run design reviews

With such a massive scope of work, it was hard to choose just a few projects for my portfolio from edX. I chose these projects because they each represent a different skillset I bring to the table. Thanks for looking!

Logistration Redesign

Large scope overhaul of the login and registration experience that led to big results.

Progress Page Facelift

An exciting new look to an important page that started as a hackathon brainstorm.

In App Payments

Designing and usability testing for a critical feature in our mobile app.

Course Completion Experience

Capitalizing on a pivotal moment in the learner journey to celebrate and inform.


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