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Hi! I'm Hilary.

I've always been someone who loves solving puzzles, making sense out of nonsense, and learning from people. I realized while I was getting my degree in Computer Science that I needed to do something creative with my career. It was a natural fit to explore the field of Human Computer Interaction and end up as a User Experience Researcher and Designer, and then a Product Designer.

I've spent half my career in agency and half in-house embedded on product teams. I know what it takes to hustle towards a deadline, to remain flexible when there is a massive change in priorities, to convince executives that design is important to the bottom line, and to win the heart of a stubborn engineer.

My experience spans the spectrum from early stage discovery and problem definition to high fidelity designs and delivery. I am happiest when I have space to crank out, test, and measure elegant solutions to tough problems. I love being part of a design team that values feedback and a culture of trust. I get excited about designing for small screens and using data - qualitative or quantitative - to uncover problems, justify investment, or inform iterations.

I love what I do and that I'm in an industry that is constantly changing and evolving.


Things that make me happy

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