Shea Moisture

Our mission was to create a compelling experience that drives users to a relevant product for purchase.


Streamlined Approach


After downloading the requirements from the client, I started by outlining the ideal user experience with annotated wireframes. With the opportunity to align on the goals and requirements of the project, we moved forward into iterating on the wireframes, applying the brand in Design, and then building out the app.

✓ Brand Exploration

✓ User Flow

✓ Product Logic

✓ Wireframes

✓ Application

Curly Girly

As someone with super curly hair, I was genuinely passionate about - and connected to - the mission of this project.


Complex → Simple


This project is a great example of how really simple UX and great brand application can work even if there are major complexities going on behind the scenes. What the product selector doesn’t show you is that behind the scenes there is a very complex algorithm that is weighing all of your inputs with the qualities given to each SKU. When the output is given, we make sure to show you exactly why that product was selected for you, giving you confidence that the system is listening and trustworthy, and (hopefully) pushing you towards purchase.

Note the chart below. In creating a simple, elegant, product selector, we had to create logic behind the scenes. By weighing characteristic inputs against each product, we calculated your product results behind the scenes,

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 4.39.56 PM.png

It's Live!

Check out the tool yourself > *

Note that this tool was taken down for maintenance but I hope it's back up soon!

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