Northeastern College of Arts, Media, and Design 

With a complex ecosystem of stakeholders and interwoven disciplines, Northeastern University’s College of Arts, Media and Design (Also known as CAMD) was an exciting opportunity. The college within the broader university struggled from a little bit of an identity crisis -- containing students studying 8 various disciplines ranging from Architecture to Journalism --  CAMD needed clearer identity.

✓ Stakeholder Interviews

✓ Needs mapping

✓ Secondary Research

✓ Competitive Analysis

✓ SEO Analysis

✓ Brand Exploration

✓ Site Architecture

✓ Wireframes

✓ Website

Going Deep


Getting to that identity started with a very deep dive into Discovery. This research process included numerous key stakeholder interviews, a thorough competitive analysis, search landscape assessment, and a detailed needs-survey of current students. Led by me, this phase of the project was key in gaining consensus and support from this complex academic institution.

Identity is key to experience

It was immediately obvious that there was a delta between the feelings stirred by navigating the old CAMD website and the passion communicated by students, alumni, faculty, and staff alike. Two CAMD alumni were even slated on the project -- leading Design and Development. It was important to capture the essence of the brand and bring it to life. We did this by relying on our research to create a Brand Book, which led us to our website.

The most actionable piece of insight from our research that helped support our brand work was that the CAMD community identified most by their major and secondarily the university, and not the college itself. This helped us bring a lens to the departments and specific focus areas rather than trying to force a unified brand for the college itself. 

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Creating a structure​ for consistency and flexibility

The way I approached the wireframing process was unique to other projects. Instead of simply sketching out wireframe layouts, I focused on zooming out and identifying 'anatomy' and reasoning behind each template. This was a critical strategy in order to keep moving this project forward with the various - opinionated - stakeholders. By looking a generic Department page, all 8 departments could recognize the research and reasoning behind the order of the template.

Mixing, matching, and making


The fact that you can study so many different disciplines under one college is powerful. Even more, the ability to choose your own path by studying abroad and incorporating co-op (working during school), coalesced into the need for a robust experience that prospective students could explore on their own to see how their needs could be met by the college offerings. The passion finder tool was born from these meaningful conversations upfront and the core brand values.

Experience is Live!

Check out how the website is thriving today:

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