FedEx and Tank's partnership has lasted nearly 18 years (as of 2019) -- our knowledge and integration into the FedEx Product workstream was immediately obvious when I came on board.  I worked on countless projects for FedEx during my time at Tank ranging from small marketing landing pages all the way to revolutionizing the main shipping application from bottom up. All the while, partnering with their stakeholders on their Digital User Experience (DUX) team, Product teams, Engineering teams, and beyond. My role on FedEx projects generally consisted of the same elements: Making complex backend requirements a simple experience and offering my expertise in user testing best practices.

Below are a few key projects during my time at Tank.

✓ User Flows

✓ Wireframes

✓ Sketch Library

✓ Ideation Workshops

✓ Design Sessions

✓ Feature Prioritization

A new and improved shipping platform

Bringing all teams together

Shipping is a surprisingly complicated process. You might think it's as simple as what you're shipping and who you're shipping it to, but with wrenches like international shipping documentation and complicated services offerings, it can get unwieldy fast.

Part of the challenge with FedEx is aligning the various stakeholders and creating consensus. After the acquisition of TNT (a shipping company based in the Netherlands) I was tasked with designing and facilitating a workshop to bring all teams together - the new designers in Amsterdam, the FedEx product owners in Memphis, and our team in Cambridge at Tank. 

3-day co-creation workshop

I focused on designing the 3 days to co-create the framework that would serve as the basis for future application work:


Day 1: Setting the Stage

Day 2: Ideation and Alignment

Day 3: Stress testing and Documentation

Workshops can be hard to capture in a portfolio - but feel free to check out the rough outline here to  get a sense of the agenda.

Soon after the workshop, we produced a prototype* to mimic the behaviors we aligned on during the workshop.

*Prototype password protected for privacy

Increasing efficiency and highlighting opportunity

Sketch Library > 1DX Project

Since many designers and UXers were working on FedEx at Tank, it became critical that we establish a pattern library so that any changes to the design language would be centralized and easily cascade to everyone's work.

FedEx was working with another agency that owned and updated their library, but updates were infrequent and the tool became outdated very quickly.


A colleague and I decided in our spare time to create an internal Sketch Library as a basis for our application work at Tank that would be shareable and owned and updated by a few team members.

Once built, we saw our efficiency increase immensely. Though this project wasn't billable to FedEx, it was later used as a way to show our value and ownership on their design language and we did end up winning a project to own and update it -- a very large project that was jump started by our rogue internal library.


Making sense of the (very) complex

International documentation requirements

As mentioned earlier, international documentation is incredibly complicated. With different (and changing) rules based on origin country, destination country, and item -- you could end up with quite a bit of complicated terminology and documentation on your hands.

The goal of this project was to reduce the amount of caged shipments that occur during the international shipping process at Customs. It is costly and a bad experience.

I was first given detailed requirements (below) which we had to turn into wireframe experiences that mapped to each feature (of which there were hundreds).

Cascade requirements.png

A sample of annotated wireframes to communicate the intended feature experience.

Design & Prototyping

After round of refinement, we pushed the UX to Design and then we built a prototype

Usability testing

We collaborated with the client to develop a moderation guide for usability testing for these features. After determining strategic locations, we were off!

I was lucky enough to go to Tokyo for user testing... and I have the matcha ice cream picture to prove it.

Here is a link to our moderation guide, co-created with the client.

Here is a link to a part of our usability report, created by the client with our insights.

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