Celebrity Cruises

Our collaboration with Celebrity Cruises began with an interesting problem: How do we promote their Air offering without disrupting their main cruise one? Celebrity Cruises lets you purchase your flights along with your cruise, not only at a discounted rate but with a guarantee of getting to you to your ship on time.

Our job was to consider the entire Celebrity Cruises ecosystem and consider the opportunities, in and out of the booking funnel, to integrate the Air program and all of it's benefits.

✓ User Flows

✓ Wireframes

✓ Ideation Workshops

✓ Design Sessions

✓ Feature Prioritization

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Ideas to execution

Starting with co-creation
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To kick off the work, we travelled down to the client office in Miami. As the UX lead, I formulated a workshop plan that included:

Day 1: Feature Elaboration and Ideation

Day 2: Discovery Report and Sketching

Day 3: Test Planning and Wrap Up

It was a busy few days! We got a lot done and put together a workshop summary that included all of the output from the workshop. A few key pieces are shown below and the entire report can be found here.

Discovery Report

Prior to our workshop, we worked to put together an extensive report that looked at analogous experiences to gain inspiration.

We shared back our report as part of the in-person workshop. It was a hit. The research was energizing to the client team and acted as a north star for the rest of the project to help guide our work.

The full report is very large and can be viewed here, but some highlights are below.

Next step: Planning

The scope of this project was large. With tons of use cases, scenarios, and user types, we had to get organized so that our delivery to the product teams and sprint teams was organized.

We decided to break our work into 3 sections of the experience, rather than by feature:

1 - Pre Booking (all the marketing pages before you enter the funnel)

2 - Booking (everything in the funnel)

3 - Post-Booking (everything after you book)

For each section of work, we worked waterfall: we defined the user flow, went wide with ideas, sketched the ideas, narrowed it down, designed, refined, and delivered.

The lead Designer and I kept in close collaboration during this process -- as soon as we were done with the UX part of one stream, we moved into Design, but stayed connected the entire time.

Sketching & Design

This client in particular had a really hard time evaluating wireframe concepts. She could not separate the idea being communicated with the design being shown in the interface, and therefore we kept wire-framing behind the scenes and shared it with our more immediate internal and external project team. 

The Results

We delivered all streams of work by the end of 2019 with a happy client and a tired team. As all of these designs start to get built, we will stand by to support the sprint teams to build out error handling, edge cases, and other items as they come along.

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